Nyakati Zetu

Ushai lamba lolo

Lamba lolo

Lamba lolo

Ushai lamba lolo

And what a way to be motivated in this city on my way to work. It is forty five minutes past five in the a.m. according to the city clock along the Uhuru Highway. If Uhuru, the president, receives a call:

Caller: Where are you?

President: I’m on my way.

Then we, the thirteen passengers, who have no ways named after us, are on our way to what has woke us up this early — problems.

Hapa mtaa si ndo uburn ka stima

Hapana fuata msupa ka amekosa figure

Na nikitupa one two asha jipa

Yani a man a galis kiu bombastika

My fifty two year old self wants to ask the driver to change the playlist but I remember a fortnight ago —going home after a day’s work — a lady asked the music playing to be changed referring to it as daimono. Only for the donda to reproach her, “Ala! Madam, tafuta maganda ya ovaa uteleze hadi kwako ama ukanyage kubwa kubwa!” but si ni life?

This is not what I stamp my feet to because I’m not its intended audience. Its audience are people like my children. I am a father of three. An adult son and two teenage daughters.

As a parent, if I’m out here working my ass off from six to eight, I do not know what my twenty one year old son is doing. Whether he is meditating on the book of Habbakuk or jerking to porn, I do not know. Whether my daughters are revising or arching their little butts on instagram, I do not know.

Parenting feels like running on a fast paced treadmill. Today your child is protective of their siblings, tomorrow they have almost knocked out the life off their sibling. Today your daughter asks you for advice, tomorrow she would rather ask her followers behind a screen for advice.

And so I know, this song and every other song like it that is popular among people of their age, they ought to sing it word by word. However, I tell my little juniors that no one has received a standing ovation for having sex. If they have ears, pens and books shall be used accordingly.

But if I sang word for word to The Needle by Lord Kitchener aka Dr. Ring Ding during my hey days, what is this?

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